Ten years ago, the concept was born for a food company that could showcase an incredible collection of authentic Gayle family, Jamaican recipes. Since childhood I have clear and powerful memories of the foods created by the men and women of my family, members of the Gayle family.

This collection of a 200+ year old preparation process, yielded foods and flavors not duplicated anywhere else. The company name Miss Millie’s Food Company is homage to my late mother Mildred Euphemia Gayle, who sadly passed away in 2018. My mother frequently referred her home St. Ann Parish and a tourist attraction called Fern Gully. These are the places my mother truly loved.

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and never had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Fern Gully, in St. Ann parish, Jamaica West Indies. These places had been chronicled with such passion and romantic descriptors. Island locations and childhood memories have inspired me to capture Fern Gully within this Miss Millie’s Jamaican Pies™ product line.

Rich Brown
Miss Millies Food Co.

 Miss Millie's Jamaican Pies Food Stand in Hamilton, Ontario